Why Join the IBEW

Why Should You Join the IBEW as a Unionized Worker?

Electrical Union Ontario ElectricianBy joining the IBEW you immediately are entitled to privileges that aren't accessible to non-union workers:

1.    Highest standards in negotiated wages: 

  • The IBEW secures proper pay for our members
    Union wage rates are approximately 40% HIGHER than working for a non union contractor!

2.     Competitive benefits:

  • The IBEW offers a higher quality of life for our members and their families

3.    Safer working conditions:

  • The IBEW ensures safe working conditions and promotes health and safety awareness

4.    Job security:

  • The IBEW seeks security for our members

5.    Solidarity: 

  • The IBEW represents our members with honesty and fairness
    Ontario Labour Laws states that Workers have the right to join a union and that the commitment of this Union gives workers the right to bargain as a group with their employer for wages, benefits, and conditions of work.

Hear From Our Members That Once Worked Non-Union:

"I was working for a non union contractor, and was a second year apprentice at the time. I received a call from the Local here in Ottawa. They were trying to organize the company I was working for to become a union shop. I met with the union and they told me about the benefits and advantages of union as opposed to non union. The dental and prescription packages are amazing..... It's much easier working harder for a union contractor than it is for a non union contractor. I think most people are just afraid to make the move, to say YES. It's not hard at all. I'm glad I did it. I think it was the best career move I ever made. I was a little afraid at first because I was stepping into something unknown. I had never been in a union before. Today I would never go back non union. Nobody has helped me out like the IBEW. It's great!"
- Bob Beare, Local 586 - Ottawa

"When I was working non union - going through my apprenticeship, they just wanted me to get the work done and I wasn't learning very much. When I finally got my license I was making $15.00 per hour. I finally signed up with the IBEW even though there wasn't much work. The Business Manager asked me if I was interested in travelling. I said sure so he sent me to Windsor. I worked there for five months and made really good money. When I got back, I've been working ever since."
- Jason Leach, Local 115 - Kitchener

"I have had the opportunities to run projects and have worked with one employer since entering the IBEW. I've more than doubled my wage. The benefit package is also a very good. For people who are being organized today, your going to find that the employer who you may be working for may not want to become a member of the IBEW. They are going to do anything in their power to discourage you from becoming a member of the IBEW. They will tell you they are never making any money. The thing about the IBEW is to make a happy medium for everybody. Make the employer make money. Let yourself make money and make a respectful living."
- Bob Becigneal, Local 773 - Windsor